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Admonition Five

That no one should glory save in the Cross of the Lord

Day 8: Consider, O human, how great the excellence in which the Lord has placed you because He has created and formed you to the image of His beloved Son according to the body and to His own likeness according to the spirit.

Now all the creatures that are under heaven, serve, know and obey their Creator in their own way - better than you Even the demons did not crucify Him.  But you together, with them crucified Him.  By taking delight in vices and sins, you are still crucifying Him. How then can you glory?

If you were so clever and wise that you possessed all science, if you knew how to interpret every form of language and to investigate heavenly things minutely, you could not glory in all this.  Because there is one demon has known more of heavenly things, and still knows more of earthly things than all people.

Although there may be someone who has received from the Lord, a special knowledge, of sovereign wisdom. If you were handsomer, and richer than all others; if you could work wonders and put the demons to flight, all these things are hurtful to you and in no way belong to you.  In them you cannot glory.  However, what we may glory in, is in our infirmities, and in bearing daily the holy cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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