The Admonitions


St. Francis' 28 Admonitions

  Admonition I  The Body of the Lord Admonition 15 Of Peacemakers
Admonition 2  The Evil of Self-will Admonition 16 Of Cleanness of Heart
Admonition 3  Of Perfect and Imperfect Obedience Admonition 17 Of the Humble Servant of God
Admonition 4  That no one should take Superiority upon themselves Admonition 18 Of Compassion toward one’s Neighbour
Admonition 5  That no one should glory save in the Cross of the Lord Admonition 19 Of the Happy and Unhappy Servant
Admonition 6  Of the Imitation of the Lord Admonition 20 Of the Good and Humble Religious
Admonition 7  That Good Works should accompany Knowledge Admonition 21  Of the Happy and the Vain Religious
Admonition 8  Of avoiding the Sin of Envy Admonition 22 Of the Frivolous and Talkative Religious
Admonition 9  Of Love Admonition 23  Of True Correction
Admonition 10  Of Bodily Mortification Admonition 24 Of True Humility
Admonition 11  That one must not be seduced by Bad Example Admonition 25 Of True Love
Admonition 12  Of Knowing the Spirit of God Admonition 26 That the Servants of God should honour Clerics
Admonition 13  Of Patience Admonition 27 Of the Virtues putting Vices to flight
Admonition 14  Of Poverty of Spirit Admonition 28 Of hiding Good lest it be lost

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