The Admonitions

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           St. Francis wrote 28 Admonitions to his brothers.

Each one is scripturally based and addresses an aspect of Christian living.

In the EFO we meditate on the Admonitions each day at Morning Prayer, or failing then, at another Office. Our brother Shepherd has divided some of the longer Admonitions to give us 31 readings.

 Quote "St. Francis of Assisi wrote the Admonitions at various times throughout his religious life. They served as short exhortations to his religious brothers to persevere in their vocation. These Admonitions were so popular that they soon became known outside the Order. Indeed they first appear in the historical record in a citation made during a sermon given by a Dominican preacher at the University of Paris, July 13, 1231 A.D.

Of all the writings of St. Francis, the Admonitions contain the most stirring and enduring legacy of the Seraphic Patriarch. They are a monument of the Poverello's profound and sober grasp of the spiritual reality of the religious vocation. As such they are a perennial source of inspiration for all his spiritual sons and daughters, as well as for all generations of those who seek to follow in the footsteps of Christ Crucified." 1

1.This extract is quoted from 'The Franciscan Archive


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