Franciscan Saints



Franciscan saint of the day

  1st The Servant of God John of Piano Di Carpine 16th St. Clare of Montefalco
  2nd The Feast of the Portiuncula 17th St. Roch of Montpellier
  3rd The Servant of God Magdalen Dahmen 18th Blessed Beatrice Da Silva
  4th The Servant of God Frederick Janssoone 19th St. Louis of Toulouse
  5th Blessed Albert of Sarziano 20th Blessed Paula Montaldi
  6th Venerable Anthony Margil 21st The Servant of God Francis of Ypres
  7th Blessed Agathangel and Cassian 22nd The Servant of God Francis Quinones
  8th Venerable Mary of Agreda 23rd Blessed Queen Blanche
  9th St. John Mary Vianney 24th The Servant of God Margaret of Luxembourg
  10th Blessed Amadeus Menez 25th St.  Louis, King of France
  11th The Servant of God John Bernal and Companions 26th Blessed Timothy of Montecchio
12th St. Clare of Assisi 27th Blessed Bernard  of Offidia
  13th Blessed John of La Verna 28th The servant of God Juniper Serra
  14th Blessed Vincent of Aquila 29th Blessed Gabriel Mary
  15th Blessed Novellon of Faenza 30th Blessed Davanzato of Poggibonzi
      31st The Servant of God Martin of Valencia


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