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23rd May



Blessed Bartholomew Pucci


Confessor, First Order


Blessed Bartholomew Pucci - Francisco was born towards the end of the thirteenth century in Montepulciano in the Tuscany region of central Italy. He came from a wealthy aristocratic family, his father was Puccio Francisco. He married Millia, the daughter of Captain Tomaso of Pecora, with whom he had four children. They were an ideal family, leading an exemplary Christian life; they were prosperous and always assisted the poor.

After many years of marriage, once the children were grown, Bartholomew felt a mighty urge to leave his married state to serve God in the Franciscan Order; in 1290 with his wife's consent he entered the Franciscan convent in the city. His wife took the vow of perpetual chastity and Bartholomew provided for their children.

From being rich he became poor for love of Christ, and although many people admired him, there were as many who thought he was crazy. He is generally described as having tried to be "a fool for Christ's sake", and above all to make himself the object of street urchins’ insults..

Though he had no desire to become a priest he placed himself under obedience and prepared himself for the priesthood and to receive holy orders.

Marion Habig OFM writes that he now “trod the way of perfection with greater zeal. At prayer and meditation his heart burned with the fervent devotion of a seraph. His love for neighbour was so intimately bound up with his love for God that, like St, Francis, he resolved never to refuse a favour asked of him for the love of God”

The humble Franciscan lived the rest of his life with prayer, experiencing visions of the Virgin Mary and her Divine Child

He was regarded by his fellow citizens as a choice spirit, performing miracles even while he was still alive.

He died; embracing the crucifix, on 6 May 1330 in Montepulciano at a great age and was buried in the Abbey. The two keys to the coffin were guarded for centuries by his descendants who were religious brothers. He was beatified on 24 June 1880 and his cult was confirmed from time immemorial by Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903).

In 1930, his relics were transferred to the Church of Saint Augustine, where they still exist.

More is not known about him due to lack of historical sources.





Prayer of the Church


O Lord Jesus Christ, who dist grant to Blessed Bartholomew,

Thy confessor, the grace to leave all and follow Thee joyfully,

vouchsafe through his intercessions and merits that we, too, may

for love of The despise the things of earth and strive only after

heavenly things.

Who liveth  and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Spirit,

One God, now and forever.  Amen


Sources : Attwater / Cumming, Butler (V), Benedictine, Index99, KIR, - compilation and translation from Norwegian by Fr. Einar Odden  - retranslated and amended by Andrew Blair with additions from  “The Franciscan Book of Saints” Edited by Marion Habig (1959)


Habig, Marion A., O.F.M., 1959, ed., The Franciscan book of Saints, Franciscan Herald press, Chicago, Illinois


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