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22nd January

Blessed John Baptist Triquerie

Martyr, First Order


Blessed John Baptist Triquerie was born in 1737 at Laval, France. At a very young age he joined the Order of Friars Minor Conventual in the Friary at Olonne, where he remained, serving also as superior, until 1778. He was then assigned as chaplain and confessor of the Poor Clares, first at St. Elizabeth in Nantes, then at Montmorillon, and finally at the Monastery in B8uron near Chateau-Gonthier, in the diocese of Laval.

Here it was that he fell victim to the French Revolution. He refused to take the oath prescribed by the Civil Constitution of the Clergy (1701). Later he refused to take an atheistic oath, euphemistically called the “oath of liberty-equality. On January 5thy, 1793, he was imprisoned in a former Poor Clare convent named “Patience.” The following is a transcript of the trial record when Blessed John Baptist appeared before the Committee of the Revolution:

Pres.: “Have you taken the oath of 1791?”

Fr. John B.: “No”

Pres.: “The oath of Liberty-Equality?’”

Fr. John B.: “No, Citizen. When it was imposed, I was sick in bed.”

At this point the public accuser, an apostate priest, interrupted: “That is no reason! I was sick too, but I had the registry brought to my bedside and I signed the oath with my own hand.”

Fr. John B.: “Citizen, I am a son of St. Francis of Assisi. In virtue of my status, I am obliged to be dead to the things of this world; hence I am not aware of its laws. My entire purpose in life is to pray for my fatherland, and this I have not failed to do.”

The apostate priest: “You are not here to preach us sermons. From the time you were no longer chaplain to the nuns and lacked a livelihood, who supported you?”

Fr. John B.: “Citizen, the charity of the faithful.”

Fr. John Baptist then demanded an explanation of the oath required by him.

Pres.: “The oath which we demand of you is to be faithful to the Republic, not to profess any religion, not even the Catholic, which is your religion, surely…”

Fr. John B.: “Ah, in that case, No! I shall be faithful to Jesus Christ until my very last breath.”

The courageous friar was condemned to death and promptly guillotined in the public square of Laval on January 21, 1794, in the company of thirteen diocesan priests.

Fr. John Baptist was one of nineteen martyrs of the French Revolution who were beatified by Pope Pius XII on June 19, 1955.


André Duliou of Saint-Laurent-des-Mortiers (diocesan priest, died at age 66)
• Augustine Emmanuel Philippot of Paris (diocesan priest, died at age 77)
• Frances Mézière of Mézangers [Françoise] (laywoman, died at age 48)
• Frances Trahet of Saint-Mars-sur-la-Futaie [Françoise] (religious of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Evron, died at age 37)
• Francis Duchesne of Laval [François] (diocesan priest, died at age 58)
• Francis Migoret-Lambarière of Saint-Fraimbault-de-Lassay [François] (diocesan priest, died at about age 65)
• James André of Saint-Pierre-la-Cour [Jacques] (diocesan priest, died at age 50)
• James Burin of Champfleur [Jacques] (diocesan priest, died at age 38)
• Joan Véron of Quelaines [Jeanne] (religious of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Evron, died at age 27)
• John Baptist Triquerie of Laval [Jean-Baptiste] (Franciscan priest, died at about age 56)
• John Baptist Turpin du Cormier
• John Mary Gallot of Laval [Jean-Marie] (diocesan priest, died at age 46)
• Joseph Mary Pellé of Laval [Joseph-Marie] (diocesan priest, died one day before his 74th birthday)
• Julian Francis Morvin de la Gérardière of Saint-Fraimbault-de-Prières [Julien-François] (priest, died at age 50)
• Julian Moulé of Le Mans [Julien] (diocesan priest, died at age 77)
• Louis Gastineau of Loiron (diocesan priest, chaplain, died at about age 66)
• Peter Thomas of Mesnil-Rainfray [Pierre] (diocesan priest, died at age 64)
• Rene Louis Ambroise of Laval [René-Louis] (diocesan priest, died at age 73)
• Sister Saint Monica Lhullier of Arquenay [(Soeur) Sainte-Monique) [baptized Marie] (sister of the Hospitaller Canonesses Regul
ar of the Mercy of Jesus, died at age 49)



Prayer of the church

Almighty and everlasting God, give unto us an increase of

faith, hope, charity: and, that we may worthily obtain that

which Thee dost promise, make us to love that which Thou dost

command. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Spirit,
One God, for ever and ever. Amen

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