Franciscan Saints

20th February

Blessed Peter of Treja

Confessor, First Order

  Blessed Peter's feast  is observed by the Conventuals and Capuchins on February twentieth and by the Franciscans on the seventeenth.

About the time that Peter was born our little Father, Francis went to heaven; Peter was the son of devout parents who were living at Treja at the time of his birth. Treja, formerly called Montecchio is close to Ancona.

Even as a young child he was a perfectionist and when asked what he would like to be when he grew up he would say that he wanted to be a saint. As a youth he sought admission into the newly founded order of St. Francis, ‘to escape the dangers of the world’. After standing his Probation and taking his vows Peter went on to higher studies; what would Francis have said about this?

Peter was ordained priest and appointed as a preacher, he performed his task zealously the love of God and the salvation of souls his only care.

He venerated St. Michael as his patron in whom he had great confidence to assist him in his fight against hell and the devil. Peter spent some time at the convent at Forano with Blessed Conrad of Offida with whom he had a close bond. According to the teachings of St. Francis each vied with the other, practicing virtue with zeal but did not speak of it.

Peter found ecstasy in prayer experiencing visions and once saw St. Michael who asked him what favour he could grant him for all his work in saving souls, Peter answered him humbly that all he desired was the remission of his personal sins , he received assurance from heaven that all his sins had been forgiven.

In his meditations Peter placed himself with Christ in his Passion because ‘he cherished an ardent devotion for the sufferings of Christ.’ During these meditations his contemplation of these events so moved him as to hover high in the air above the crucifix.

Peter practiced mortification his whole life and after a long life in the service of his Lord he died in peacefully in his sleep, famed for the miracles he performed both during his life and after his death.

He died on February nineteenth, 1304, buried in the Franciscan church at Sirolo near Ancona before the altar of the crucifix his tomb became the focus of veneration right from the beginning. The Church transferred his remains to Treja in 1654 and in 1792 Pope Pius VI allowed his feast to be celebrated in the Franciscan Order. It is observed by the Conventuals and Capuchins on February twentieth and by the Franciscans on the seventeenth.


Prayer of the church

O God, who didst lavish Thy heavenly gifts upon Blessed Peter

Thy confessor, grant, we beseech Thee, that we may rejoice in

his protection here on earth and may be partners with him in

heavenly glory. Through the same Christ Our Lord Who liveth
and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Spirit,  One God, now

and forever.  Amen


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