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Blessed Roger of Todi

Confessor, First Order


Roger was born at Todi, in Umbria, and in 1216 he was received into the Order by St. Francis himself.  Roger, the good disciple that he was devoted all his energy to imitating the virtues of his holy father and master; he likewise sought to emulate  the other Italian saints. Roger strove for perfection and the Seraphic Founder often chose Roger as his companion when he went out to preach or direct souls.

It was after St. Francis led the Blessed Philippa Mareri to greater perfection, and who with several other women entered a convent of the Poor Clares, that the holy Father appointed Roger to be Philippa’s Spiritual Director. Roger faithfully guided the new congregation to holiness, even assisting Philippa in her dying moments.

Roger delivered a brilliant panegyric at her grave side, during which he declared that she should be invoked as one of the blessed in heaven. Some few years later this affirmation was confirmed by the Church.

Within the year after Blessed Philippa went to her reward Roger also died, on January 5, 1237. Pope Gregory a personal friend immediately sanctioned the celebration of his feast at Todi; Benedict XIV extended his veneration to the entire Franciscan Order. His feat is celebrated on January fourteenth by the Franciscans, on January fifth by the Conventuals and on January twenty-eighth by the Capuchins.


Prayer of the church

 Lord, through the wise counsel of blessed Roger You have gathered to Yourself many peoples.

As we eagerly run the way of Your commandments,

may his intercession obtain for us a firm faith and true peace of heart.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen


 Reading; Habig, Marion A., O.F.M., 1959, ed., The Franciscan book of Saints, Franciscan Herald Press, Chicago, Illinois




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