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31st May



Blessed Vitalis of Bastia


Confessor, Third Order

Curiosity: On 29 May 2011, a head preserved as a relic, allegedly that of this saint, was offered at auction with an estimate of €1,000 at Annesbrook House, Duleek, County Meath, Ireland.[3] It was sold to an unnamed movie star from Los Angeles, California, for €3,500.[4]



San Vitale, hermit, was born in 1295 in the village of  Bastia Umbra, about three miles from Assisi but just off the main road to Perugia. After having spent his youth as an repulsive sinner, he repented, and sought to atone for the sins he had committed by going on pilgrimage to shrines in the most important Italian and European cities. Back in Umbria, he took the Benedictine habit, and experienced the life of a hermit.

Selling everything he owned and giving the proceeds to the poor, he joined the Third Order of St. Francis and spent the rest of his life in the hermitage of Santa Maria di Viole in Assisi. He lived in absolute poverty, clothed in rags, barefoot and allowing his hair to become scruffy, his only possession was a container used to fetch water from a nearby spring.

He remained in this solitary place for the remainder of his days, he spent his time in prayer and meditation and self- mortification keeping long vigils and extreme fasts, apart from water to drink he ate only vegetables.

From time to time he was tempted to return to the comforts of the world but his devotion to his Mother Mary ensured victory over temptation and restored serenity to his soul.

He died May 31, 1370. Those in and around Assisi knew him only as “San Vitale,”

The fame of his sanctity soon spread everywhere and because of the many wonders brought about at his tomb, he is known for granting healing to those who were suffering from diseases of the genital and bladder, and became the protector of these patients.

In 1499 they transferred his relics to the San Rufino cathedral in Assisi and the veneration of the holy hermit as “Blessed” was approved.

Blessed Vitalis has no place in the Franciscan calendar, in the diocese of Assisi the congregation of the Third Order Regular there, celebrate his feast on 31st May



Prayer of the Church

( Feast of the holy Name of Mary)


Grant, we beseech Thee, O almighty God, that even as Thy

faithful people rejoice in the name of the most holy Virgin Mary,

and enjoy her protection, so, by her loving intercession, they may

be delivered from all evils here on earth, and be found worthy

to attain to eternal joy in heaven.

Through the same Christ Our Lord Who liveth and reigneth
with Thee and the Holy Spirit,  One God, now and forever.  Amen



Source: Habig, Marion A., O.F.M., 1959, ed., The Franciscan book of Saints, Franciscan Herald press, Chicago, Illinois


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