February Franciscan Saints



Franciscan saint of the day

  1st The Servants of God, Juniper Vega and Humilis Martinez 15th Blessed Veridiana
  2nd The servant of God Mary Fidelis Weiss 16th Blessed Pilippa Mareri
  3rd Blessed Elizabeth Amodei 17th Blessed Luke Belludi
  4th St. Joseph of Leonissa 18th Blessed Andrew Segni
  5th St. Peter Baptist and Companions 19th St. Conrad of Piacenza
  6th The Venerable Mary Teresa Bonzel 20th Blessed Peter of Treja
  7th Blessed Rizziero of Muccia 21st The Servant of God Jordan Mai
  8th Blessed Giles Mary of St. Joseph 22nd St. Margaret of Cortona
  9th Blessed Anthony of Stoncone 23rd The Servants of God Frederick Bachstein and Companions
  10th Blessed Clare of Rimini 24th Blessed Mark Marconi
  11th The Servant of God Stephen Eckert 25th Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio
  12th Blessed Eustochium 26th Blessed Angela of Foligno
  13th  Blessed John of Triora  27th Blessed Louise Albertoni
  14th St. Jane of Valois 28th Blessed Antonia of Florence.


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