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The lives of Franciscan saints on the following pages are inspired by those listed in Fr. Marion Alphonse Habig OFM book "The Franciscan book of Saints", he offers us a Holy Franciscan of various degree for each day of the year - Those who are Servants of God; The Venerable; the Blessed; and the Canonized.

Please note that while most of the lives come from Habig's " The Franciscan Book of Saints" some do not and in the case of those which arrive here care of Wikipedia or New Advent and elsewhere notice the difference in the presentation between the non-hagiographical accounts found there as compared with Habig's  traditional Hagiographical composition.

Hagiography; - definition: An idealised biography of a Saint or other important Historical person. In the case of Saints and holy men and women the biography is usually written to a formula: To present the person as sinful as possible before their conversion or else as someone of saintly ways from childhood, both methods are used in Habig's Book.

SAINTLY FRANCISCANS may be separated according to the following calendars:

The Three Orders of St. Francis:

Early in the 16th century the First Order of St. Francis was divided into three autonomous branches: The observant Friars Minor, the Conventual Friars Minor and the Capuchin Friars Minor. At a later date, several stricter groups were formed, especially the Discalced, Reformed, and Recollect Friars Minor. Never completely independent these latter branches were united again in 1897 by Pope Leo XIII; since then they are called simply the Order of Friars Minor, or more popularly the Franciscans. Both the Capuchins and Conventuals have continued as separate Orders Though both keep the Rule of 1223. Each of the three Orders have their own general constitutions and its own Minister General and of courses its own Calendar of saints.

The Second Order, The Poor Ladies or Poor Clares, and the Third Order, Regular and Secular and along the way we also meet some interesting additions to the Franciscan Family such as the Cord Bearers of St. Francis.

For those who have patience with numbers: Habig gives the following data in the Introduction to his book:

As of 1959 there were 117 canonized Franciscan saints, 57 belonging to the first Order of St. Francis (17 before 1440); 32 Franciscans; 7 Capuchins; 1 Conventual; 4 Cord bearers of St. Francis. Five are Poor Clares, one is a member of the Third Order Regular. Fifty are Tertiaries.

Of the 242 blessed, 127 belong to the First Order (38 before 1440; 74 Franciscans; 11 Capuchins; 4 Conventuals). Twenty-two are Poor Clares; 15 are members of the Third Order Regular and 78 are Tertiaries. Between 1900 and 1959 the number of Franciscans canonized and beatified was 132.

Of the Blesseds above, 38 are pending canonization, 17 Franciscans, 3 Poor Clares, 7 members of the Third Order Regular and 11 Tertiaries.

The Servants of God whose causes for beatification are pending number 283, 206 Franciscans, 25 Poor Clares, 15 members of the Third Order Regular and 37 Tertiaries. Additionally there is one group cause for Bishop Theotim Verhaeghen and 2,388 members of the First and Third Orders who were martyred in China. More than 50 Capuchins are candidates for beatification.

Further investigation of the www has failed to yield a sensible and verifiable list of those causes for beatification or canonization of Franciscans still pending in the 21st century.


Habig, Marion, A., OFM, 1959, ed.,  The Franciscan book of Saints, Franciscan Herald press, Chicago,   Calendar

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