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Hours of the Day

Matins  Prime  Sext  Vespers  Compline

The Hours for each day of the week differ only in the choice of Biblical psalms and Francis' psalms.
The readings for Prime and Vespers may be taken from your Lectionary or from any of the following sites.

Oremus Lectionary
Revised common Lectionary ( Presbyterian) ( Daily and Sunday Readings)
Lutheran Church of Australia - Seasonal Helps and Lectionaries
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Lectionary

The Church of England Worship and liturgy


Biblos -            contains a large variety of Bible, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Thesaurus

Bible Gateway

English Versions of the Bible

Oremus Bible Browser -         search for one or more passages at a time
Complete Jewish Bible -        David Stern - Christian version
The Complete Jewish Bible     with Rashi Commentary - The Tanach

Jewish Publication Society Bible 1917       From the Masoretic text

English Translation of the Greek Septuagint Bible

The Five Gospels Parallels -       Synoptics, John and Thomas

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