Franciscan Saints



Franciscan saint of the day

  1st St. Angela Merici 16th Blessed Humiliana Cerchi
  2nd Blessed Herculan of Piagale 17th Blessed Paula Gambara-Costa
  3rd St. Joan of Arc 18th Blessed Peter Gambacorti of Pisa
4th Sts Vincenta Gerosa and Mary Bartholomea Capitanio 19th The Servant of God Matthew Talbot
  5th Blessed Felix of Nicosia 20th The Servant of God John Zumarraga
  6th Blessed John Pelingotto 21st The Servant of God Leonore Gusman
  7th The Servant of God Joseph Perez 22nd Blessed Joachima De Mas Y De Vedruna
  8th Blessed Isabella of France 23rd St. Joseph Cafasso
  9th Blessed Andrew of Spello 24th The Servant of God Illuminatus of Rieti
  10th Blessed Agnes of Prague 25th The Servant of God Paul ( Paulutius) Trinci
  11th Blessed Baptista Varani 26th Blessed Jutta of Thuringia
  12th Blessed Pacific of Cerano 27th Blessed Guy of Cortona
  13th St. Anthony of Padua 28th The Servant of God Francis De Porras
  14th Blessed Lawrence of Villamagna 29th Blessed Benvenute of Gubbio
  15th Blessed Yolande (Jolenta) of Poland 30th The Servant of God Orlando (Roland) of Chiusi


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