Franciscan Saints



Franciscan saint of the day

  1st The Servant of God Mary of the Passion Chappotin 16th St. Agnes of Assisi
  2nd The Servant of God Mary Catharine Segar 17th Blessed Salome
  3rd The Servant of God Mary Ruiz 18th Blessed Jane of Signa
  4th St. Charles Borromeo 19th St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  5th Blessed Jane Mary of Maille 20th Blessed Elizabeth the Good
  6th Blessed Margaret of Lorraine 21st The Servant of God Rufinus of Assisi
  7th Blessed Helen Enselmini 22nd The Servant of God Magin Catalá
  8th Blessed John Duns Scotus 23rd Blessed John Baptist Bullaker
  9th Blessed Margaret Collona 24th The Servant of God Margaret Sinclair
  10th Blessed Matthia Nazzarei 25th The Servant of God Paul Pius Perazzo
  11th The Servant of God Bonavita 26th St. Leonard of Port Maurice
  12th Blessed Raynier of Arezzo 27th Blessed Bernadin of Fossa
  13th St. Didacus of Alcalca 28th St. James of the March
  14th Blessed Gabriel Ferretti 29th Blessed Humilis of Bisignano
  15th Blessed John of Peace 30th The Servant of God John of Montecorvino


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