Franciscan Saints



October - Franciscan saint of the day

  1st Blessed Francis Cichi of Pesaro 16th The Servant of God James of the Rosary
  2nd Blessed Nicholas of Forca Palena 17th The Servant of God Baptista of Piacenza
  3rd The Servant of God Mary Magdalen Bentivoglio 18th The Servant of God Anna  Tellier
  4th Our Holy Father St. Francis 19th St. Peter of Alcantara
  5th St.  Frances of Rome 20th The Servant of God Alexander of Hales
  6th St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds 21st Blessed James of Strepar
  7th Venerable George of Augsburg 22nd Blessed Matthew of Girgenti
  8th St. Bridget of Sweden 23rd Blessed Josephine Leroux
  9th Blessed John Lobedau 24th Blessed Balthassar of Chiavari
  10th St. Daniel and Companions 25th Blessed Christopher of Romagnola
  11th The Servant of God Victricius Weiss 26th Blessed Bonaventure of Potenza
  12th St. Seraphin of Montegranaro 27th Blessed Contardo Ferrini
  13th Blessed Robert Malatesta 28th Blessed Thomas of Florence
  14th The Servant of God Anna Apollonia Stadler 29th The Servant of God Catherine of Bosnia
  15th The Servant of God Walter of Treviso 30th Blessed Angelo of Acri
      31st The Servant of God Pamphilus of Magliano


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