Franciscan Saints



September: Franciscan saint of the day

  1st Blessed John of Perugia  and Peter of Sassoferrato 16th Blessed Thomas of Foligno
  2nd Blessed John Francis Burte, Apollinaris Morel, and Severin Girault 17th Feast of the Stigmata of Our holy Father Francis
  3rd St. Pius X 18th St. Joseph of Copertino
4th St. Rose of Viterbo 19th The Servant of God Peter De Corpa and Companions
  5th Blessed Thomas of Tolentino and Companions 20th Blessed Charles of Blois
  6th Blessed Liberatus of Lauro 21st Blessed Julian of Germany
  7th Blessed Gentle of Matelica 22nd Blessed Lucy of Caltagirone
  8th Blessed Raymond Lull 23rd The Servant of God Mary Emmanuela
  9th Blessed Seraphina Sforza 24th St. Pacific of San Severino
  10th Blessed Apollinaris Franco and Companions 25th Blessed Francis Mary of Camporosso
  11th Blessed Bonaventure of Barcelona 26th Blessed Delphina of Glandeves &

27th St. Elzear of Sabran
  12th Blessed Peregrin of Falerone 27th
  13th Blessed Sanctes of Montefabro 28th Blessed John of Dukla
  14th Blessed Louise of Savoy 29th Blessed Bernardin of Feltre
  15th Blessed Michelina of Pesaro 30th Blessed Francis of Calderola


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