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24th  August



The Servant of God Margaret of Luxembourg


Virgin, Third Order


Margaret was born in Wuerttemberg at the end of the sixteenth century, and was a member of the Lutheran Church. One day two Franciscans came to the palace in which she lived. That evening they spoke of the evil that was resulting everywhere from the heresy of the so-called Reformation, and of the power which the Catholic Church alone has to save the souls of men. Their conversation made a deep impression on Margaret; she recognized that she was not on the road that leads to Christ.

After a time, she became ill, and then and there resolved that she would return to the Catholic Church, through which alone she could be saved. As soon as she recovered, she left her palace and repaired to Antwerp. There she lived in the home of a devout lady, while she was being instructed in the Catholic Faith.

Margaret’s love and esteem for the Faith constantly increased. She also fostered a fervent devotion to our Blessed Lady. She was anxious to travel to Loreto, to make her profession of faith in the house of the Mother of Cod. But when she reached Maria Einsiedeln in Switzerland, she found that she could not continue her journey because of warlike disturbances. She made her profession of faith at this shrine of our Lady before the abbot of the Benedictines, and then, with inexpressible joy, received holy Communion.

Not long afterwards she joined the Third Order of St. Francis in Luxembourg. There she moved into a little house next to the Franciscan church, where she led a life of great austerity and sincere piety for the space of twenty-eight years. She was favoured by God with special graces. At holy Mass she was sometimes wrapt in ecstasy, and she foretold the day of her death.

After devoutly receiving the last sacraments she died blessedly in the Lord in the year 1651. She was laid to rest with great solemnity, in the presence of the governor, next to the high altar in the Franciscan church.






Prayer of the Church

(For the removal of Schism)


O God, who settest straight what has gone astray and gatherest

together what is scattered, and keepest what thou hast gathered

together, we beseech Thee, in Thy mercy, to pour down on

Christian peoples the grace of union with Thee, that, putting aside

disunion and attaching themselves to the true shepherd of Thy

Church, they may be able to render Thee due service.

Through the same Christ Our Lord Who liveth  and reigneth
Thee and the Holy Spirit,  One God, now and forever.  Amen



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