Franciscan Saints

2nd January

The Servant of God John Parenti

Confessor, First Order


Born in Northern Italy about 1180 John Parenti devoted himself to the Practice of Law and became a judge in Castellana.

 One day, he looked out of his window and saw a certain swine herder, who was not capable of making the pigs enter their pen. Another man advised him to say the following words to his pigs: ‘Pigs, pigs enter into your sty, as lawyers and judges will go into hell.’ At these words that herd of swine immediately entered without a grunt.

 John began to consider the dangers of his profession and decided to leave it, in 1219 he happened to hear St. Francis of Assisi preach following which he and his son joined the Order of Friars minor in which he lived an exemplary life.

At the General chapter in the year 1219 St Francis appointed him provincial of Spain, the Order of Friars Minor spread so rapidly and with such success in ministry in that country that the holy founder broke out in loud praises of the Lord.

After the death of St. Francis in 1226 the general chapter of the Friars Minor gathered on Pentecost, May 30, 1227 at the Portiuncula to elect the first General Minister of the Order after St. Francis. The choice did not fall upon Brother Elias, who had led the Order as vicar since 1221, but upon Brother John Parenti, who was a canon lawyer.

 Thomas of Eccleston says:

 “The first minister general after Blessed Francis was Brother Elias, who had been a notary at

Bologna. Brother John Parenti succeeded him; he was minister of Spain, a wise and deeply religious man and a man of great austerity.”

 On the occasion of an uprising in Rome, Pope Gregory IX recalled John to the city to quell the riot since they refused to heed his words, John made the prophesy that the Tiber would overflow its banks which occurred sometime later. The devastation was terrible resultantly the resurgents submitted.

 Despite all of his efforts on behalf of the Order John was unable to restrain some friars who were causing a relaxation of the Rule because of this John, in his devotion to the order humbly

Resigned his Office in 1233.

 With brother Elias’ permission John spent his remaining years on the Island of Corsica where he established convents to the Order and devoted his life to prayer, he was called to his eternal rest in 1250 having been glorified on earth by many miracles.

Prayer of the Church

O God, the protector of those who Hope in Thee, without whom nothing

is strong, nothing holy, increase Thy mercy towards u s, that with

thee as ruler and guide, we may pass through the good things of time

that we may not lose those of eternity. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ

Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, and the Holy Spirit, One God for ever

and ever Amen.



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