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22nd July



The Servant of God Magdalen of Rottenburg


Widow, Third Order


Magdalen of Rottenburg is one of the servants of God whose fidelity was tried in various stations in life and who was always found to be a model to the members of her sex. She descended from a very noble family, and although the pleasures and good things of life were at her command, she did not give herself up to the enjoyment of them, but rather used them to benefit others through the practice of works of mercy.

She yielded to her parents’ wishes and married a young nobleman. She loved him in Christ, and gave proof of her love in the many prayers and holy Masses she offered up for him after his early death. As a widow and a mother, she set herself to the task of giving her daughter and an orphaned relative a good education. When they were both settled in life, almighty God, as a reward for her fidelity, granted her the special grace to spend the remaining years of her life among the spouses of Christ.

By divine dispensation, Magdalen one day paid a visit to the Ridler convent of Tertiaries in Munich, and while there, she experienced a most extraordinary desire to remain there. At her urgent request, she was clothed with the holy habit. She who had spent her days in the world as one of its prominent women, and had been accustomed to give commands and to be respected, now took the greatest pleasure in serving others, in performing the lowliest work, in taking the last place among her sisters in religion.

But God almighty raised her up and drew her to Himself by frequent ecstasies in prayer. It is recorded that once during a procession on the feast of the Ascension she was raised high up in the air as though she were rising to heaven in glory with Christ. In the year 1534 she died a blessed death.


Prayer of the Church

(Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost)


Let Thy grace and pity guide our hearts, we beseech Thee, O

Lord, for without Thee, we are unable to please Thee.

Through the same Christ Our Lord Who liveth and reigneth
with Thee and the Holy Spirit,  One God, now and forever.  Amen



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