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 12th April



The Servant of God Theodoric Loet


Martyr, First Order


Father Theodoric was guardian of the Franciscan friary of Emmerich  on the lower Rhine at the time when the Calvinist heresy  from neighboring Holland was constantly gathering about itself new adherents. In accordance with his duty, Father Theodoric warned the faithful, and pointed out the folly and unGodliness of the heresy. In consequence he was hated by the heretics.

In the year 1571, upon his return from Rome, whither he had traveled on business associated with his order, he was accused of having negotiated with the pope for the betrayal of his country.

In the following year, the heretics, who were themselves traitors, delivered the neighboring town of Zutphen from the rightful domination  of the king of Spain into the hands of the Dutch, and a heretic was set up as governor.

The heretics forcibly dragged Father Theodoric before the governor  in order to have him condemned as a traitor to his country.

Since the good Father could not admit anything of the sort, but frankly professed his Catholic faith, the governor at first had glowing plates applied to the soles of his feet. Then he was divested of his clothing and put to the rack with such force that all his limbs were wrenched from their joints.  Burning torches were held to his sides, and seething fat was poured into the wounds. During all this dreadful torture, Father Theodoric raised his eyes and his heart to heaven, and answered not a word to all the raillery and contempt which was heaped upon him. Finally, he was
 beheaded and quartered; the four parts were placed at the four
cardinal points on the gates of the town. This happened on the twentieth of April in the year 1572.





Prayer of the Church

(Secret, Tuesday of Passion Week)


We bring before Thee, O Lord, victims to be immolated, which

we pray may bring us temporal consolation; that we may not

despair of the eternal promise.

Through  Christ Our Lord Who liveth  and reigneth
Thee and the Holy Spirit,  One God, now and forever.  Amen



Habig, Marion A., O.F.M., 1959, ed., The Franciscan book of Saints, Franciscan Herald press, Chicago, Illinois


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